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Simple Freedom Club

Simple Freedom Club is an established Internet Marketing School, a training platform for online marketers. It offers affiliates 100% commissions on their sales. Members are taught the skills of direct marketing concepts proven to deliver traffic, leads and sales to their business.
There is plenty of coaching available in form of regular webinars and extensive archive of training material some for general public and 'Core Values' for registered members only.
To avail of all essential training Simple Freedom Club offers lifetime-membership at basic level for starters of $25 plus $10 admin fee (one time only). There are various levels of membership, offering additional benefits. The program focuses on instilling internet marketing skills and encourages entrepreneurship and working from home. Various strategic tools are offered to assist newbies in affiliate marketing.
Skills learned with Simple Freedom Club can be used to market its own training courses or for any other affiliate marketing. Support, coaching and training are offered via the Site, YT-channel, FB-group and personal consultation.
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Paybit Club

You can compare Paybit with Paypal. Future economies will heavily rely on cryptographically secure assets and currencies. Paybit is a new payment gateway for these emerging economies. Integration Paybit provides a complete API and associated SDKs for invoice, payment, wallet, exchange, and commerce processing.
Paybit is a market leader dedicated to empowering users around the world to constantly retain and use crypto-currencies in their daily life, and business owners to accept this payment method. It provides tools to small and medium sized companies, to be able to accept bitcoin as an alternative payment method at their establishments.
Paybit offers a lucrative compensation plan for affiliates, who can buy licences of various degrees and earning commissions and bonuses. Members are entitled to receive a share of the daily profits generated by the company. It is a unique concept which is win-win for merchants and affiliates.
Support, coaching and training are offered by our team and community.
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A fully decentralized Matrix project, a Smart Contract which runs on Ethereum Blockchain. The amazing thing about it is that once a smart contract is created, it CANNOT be changed.
People are searching for the best passive income ideas and want easy ways to make money and passive income online.
Low-cost passive income investments like Smartway Forsage, are not easy to find. The Smart Contract that Forsage uses is SCAM PROOF. It cannot be hacked. It cannot be changed. No funds stay on the site or the blockchain. Funds are sent directly to members from members so funds cannot be hacked or stolen. There are no deadlines or ends with this program. It simply goes forever.
You can join for as little as 0.05 ETH, (Ethereum). As of today that is about $12-15 so it is cheap to join. The system allows you to set up 24 Different income streams that can pay you 24/7. You first need to install Metamask browser extension to get started. We provide step-by-step tutorials and videos that show you exactly how to get set up correctly.

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Lead Lightning / PLS

Creator of Lead Lightning is Power Lead System, which operates on the Priceless Possibilities platform. They have been creating custom marketing systems for sales and network marketing companies for nearly two decades. Lead Lightning is the user-friendly, good for newbies entry level of PLS, offering a life time membership for a one-time fee of only $7. Once inside Lead Lightning you get the opportunity to sell it to other prospective buyers. The bulk of your Lead Lightning training revolves around the selling techniques used to sell LL. Lead lightning System is a done for you lead generation and email marketing system that enables you to build your BUYERS-LIST at lightning speed. The Lead Lightning system doesn't just help you build an email list. It helps you build high quality LISTS that you can sell various products and services. This marketing system can be used for any business out there. To earn more, advanced Power Lead System membership levels with monthly subscription are available, which have proven to be effective and yielding higher returns. PLS payment processing system is with Paylution and prepaid cards, accepted worldwide. Support, coaching are offered via Training-Site, YT, FB-Group and a Support-centre.
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M1 Finance

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